Renowned for combining wine, cuisine, the arts and the beauty of the natural landscape in an internationally acclaimed experience for guests to its Franschhoek address, Fleurs de La Motte once again confirms La Motte Wine Estate’s flair with the finer things in life.
This new exhibition in the La Motte Museum is a celebration of the floral splendour of the estate, combining the indigenous beauty of fynbos against the slopes of the Wemmershoek mountains, photographic Provence-like lavender fields, exotic disas, the estate’s classic rose garden and of course the coral abundance of the Hanneli Rupert roses welcoming visitors to the estate.
The exhibition features vibrant and detailed paintings of the fynbos and flora on La Motte by Paula van Coller-Louw and a life-sized bronze sculpture, The Blushing Bride, to be completed over a five-month period in the La Motte Museum, by Toby Megaw.
Stellenbosch-based Van Coller-Louw, acclaimed for her intriguing blossoms and symbolic commentary of plant life through four solo and 50 group exhibitions over the last 17 years, explores a new and developed perspective with her work for Fleurs de La Motte. “We are awed by its rugged beauty but have attempted, through our gardens, to tame it to our wills. Sometimes this contrast between wild, raw nature and the humanly-moulded forms of the cultivated and planned garden can bring a fresh perspective to how we view plant life.”

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