Cycle – Rust en Vrede Gallery

My garden serves as my inspiration and my artwork and therefore demonstrates an intimate relationship between my experience of gardening and my thoughts.

“My garden is slow work, pursued by love.” — Claude Monet. This art not only focuses on the shape of plants, but displays my savouring of the course of nature: its ability to adapt, be fertile and bear fruit – a process similar to my own experience of motherhood.

Rust en Vrede Gallery Durbanville
Heilige | Oil on canvas | 51 x 152cm
Gebed | Oil on canvas | Unknown Size
Persephone | Oil on canvas | 51 x 76cm
Groei | Oil on canvas | 154 x 102cm
Bloeityd | Oil on canvas | 42 x 76cm
Takke (Fransi Phillips, Ek wag vir die takke) | Oil on canvas | 130 x 60
Bittersoet | Oil on canvas | 102 x 154cm
Gesteelde Blare | Oil on canvas | 41 x 76cm
Kierang 1 (Ingrid Jonker) | Oil on canvas | 1300 x 600mm
Kierang 2 (Ingrid Jonker) | Oil on canvas | 1300 x 600mm
The drive towards preserving life is not only physical but also emotional. The ropes in my works therefore depict the emotional bondage often found in relationships. These bonds are not always healing or life-sustaining. As is seen in Japanese culture, the rope is also used as an imprisonment technique. Stagnation, deterioration and death are therefore also linked to ropes and their phantoms.
The works in my Cycle exhibition are inspired by nature’s dormancy. The barren branches in my garden, in need of a prune, suggest new growth. Despite the dry aridness of mortality, the death of plants is a necessary phase in the blooming of new life.