About Paula


phone: +27 82 643 8844

My art has always been infused with plant life, whether it has been the central focus of the work or used as symbolic commentary.

Art became the medium through which I processed my observations of happiness and grief. All these issues found reflection in my work- with plants, flowers and bulbs symbolizing the necessity to adapt, change, conform and flourish.

I completed my BA Fine Art Degree at the University of the Free State in 2000 and commenced a career in teaching visual and design in Cape Town. Currently I am staying in Stellenbosch with my husband and twin boys.

The powers of growth- as a wife and mother have been central focus in my work. I love to paint with traditional oil paint. It is a slow drying process that grows in layers of detail and change in variety of colours. The progress becomes a fine tuned balance of my well being as an individual to maintain life.