about paula.

"The powers of growth - as a wife and mother have been a central focus in my work."


Stellenbosch-based Van Coller-Louw is acclaimed for her intriguing blossoms and symbolic commentary of plant life through five solo and than 50 group exhibitions over the last 18 years.

Paula’s art has always been concerned with the botanical. Art is the medium through which she processes her observations of happiness and grief. All these experiences find reflection in her work - with plants, flowers and bulbs symbolising the necessity to adapt, change, conform and flourish. Paula completed her Bachelor's Degree in fine Fine Art at the University of the Free State in 2000 and currently resides in Stellenbosch with her family. Paula has fallen in love with oil paint - it has become her medium of choice. The slow drying process, which adds layer upon layer of detail, is a time-consuming but rewarding process, much like waiting for a blossom to form.

Paula’s work has been featured in more than 50 different galleries.

The Absa L’Artelier awards are South Africa's most prestigious art competition. In 1999, Paula was chosen as a finalist for her student exhibition at the Johannes Stegman Art Gallery, Bloemfontein. She went on to exhibit her works at the L’Atelier Art Exhibition the next year.