2015 SOLO


Blossoms embody a life paradox for their brief blooming is fragile yet their flowering emblazons an intense sweetness and a riot of splendorous light-refracting colour. Universally this short-lived budding is symbolic of hope and change; its association with Spring a metaphor for the promise of life which will continue after the sorrow and suffering of life’s arid winter. This cycle would not be possible without the industrious bee whose ability to see the secret UV light of pollen ensures that fertilization and regeneration take place. There is an ancient belief that telling one’s stories to the bees in one’s garden will keep them from leaving and sustain their nurturing presence. Painting is also a means to share one’s story: to use light and colour to share and capture a moment, however brief, and extend it forever. Through this creative bee-keeping act, the flowers of the artist’s own life-garden are perpetually fertilized and nurtured.